Have You Seen Bigfoot?

For decades, people have been spreading the idea of a real life Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. It’s a giant hairy beast that walks like a man and seems to like its privacy. There have been many reports of peopltumblr_n83ralCNRH1rp0vkjo1_500HHe catching glimpses of these creatures, but there is no actual physical or photographic proof that one exists. For the sake of this blog though, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t real. The blurry photos of something in the distance and and accounts from hunters and fanatics have kept this theory up and running.

The belief is so widespread today that there is even a TV show, Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot”. This show documents the travels of a few Bigfoot Hunters as they try and track down this elusive creature. It mostly shows them insisting that they heard the call of the “Squatch” somewhere out in the woods and their attempts at mimicking it to try and draw it in. . . . . as you might have guessed, they haven’t been too successful yet.

So if Bigfoot is real, what is it? People have theorized that it could be an ancient caveman that has somehow survived and kept from evolving. Others believe that it could be some kind of alien. The most realistic of the ideas in my opinion is that it is a large animal like a ground sloth. Now with that being said, you would think that a ground sloth would not be able to make a quick getaway if someone was trying to track it down. They are not known for being very elusive. And yet, no one has been able to catch it.

I think that at best, the Sasquatch is a figment of our modern imagination that is holding on to some type of folk lore or monster story that was told many years ago. Nowadays, that type of thing tends to be a money maker. There is merchandise, TV shows, and movies that have been made. It’s a cute idea that doesn’t seem to have a down side, so why stop promoting it? People will believe what they want no matter what others say about it, so honestly, who really cares? Some of us are just a little more gullible or open minded, if you’d rather think of it that way. No one’s getting hurt and people are intrigued, so where’s the harm?

I can’t say I personally believe in Bigfoot, but I will say that “Harry and the Hendersons” was one of my favorite movies. So if you’re out there packing up your survival packs to go track him down, I wish you the best of luck! Just don’t quit your day job.

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