Is Elvis Alive?

So I have to apologize for taking so long in between posts here. I know there probably aren’t a ton of you chomping at the bit to read what I’m writing, but I like to think that my thoughts are entertaining to some. So if there was anyone out there itching for a new rant from me, here it is, and I’m sure it’s one you’ve heard people joking about before. Is the “King” really dead?


So my first question when I heard about the theory that Elvis Presley was still alive was “why don’t people believe he died?”. A pretty logical question to as, I would think. Apparently there was a lot of secrecy surrounding his death. He supposedly died back in 1977 at his estate in Tennessee (Graceland). It was believed to be cardiac arrhythmia from drugs that got him. Elvis’ physician stated that he thought his death might have been due to issues with chronic constipation that finally brought him down. A lot of people don’t know what to believe as┬áthe truth because Elvis’ father had the autopsy report sealed until 2027, which would be 50 years after his death. It seems a little strange, I would agree.

Many people believe that he is actually still alive. He faked his death and moved out of the limelight. Over the past few decades, there have been supposed sightings of “The King”, living the normal life. There have been claims of seeing him at Burger King back in 1988 and that he was selling t-shirts outside a show in 2002. This isn’t really the life I would have pictured for a music icon, even if he was hiding for some reason, but I guess a guy’s got to do something to make money.

So why would he fake his death? A few theories that I’ve heard are that he is in witness protection because he helped the government infiltrate the mafia and feared the repercussions. Another theory is that he was trying to make some more money. It’s pretty well known in the music industry that and artists post mortem sales usually go through the roof, depending on the popularity of course. We all know Elvis had a groundbreaking music career as well as a pretty good movie career. As you might have guessed, his estate made a ton of cash after his death. One report stated that it brought in around $55M in 2011.

There was even a report in 2015 that claimed the body of a dead homeless man around the age of 80 found in CA was actually Elvis Presley. They said that a DNA test was done to try and find out who this unknown man was and it turned out to be a match to Elvis. As people like to do, they jumped on the bandwagon and ate that crap up. It was an obvious hoax that was proven to be a lie shortly after. The website “Empire News” even admitted that the information was completely made up. People love to hope and fantasize though.

Whether he died back in 1977 or not, the odds of him still being alive today are very slim. He would be over 80 years old, and the life he lead isn’t very conducive for the long haul. The fans of Elvis are devoted and hopeful that he is still out there somewhere though, wearing Hawaiian shirts and shaking his hips. I would hate to take that hope away. So here’s to keeping a lookout for the King!

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