Area 51: The Aliens Have Landed


Area 51 is a highly classified location in Roswell, New Mexico where many conspiracy theorists believe that the government is keeping the remains of an alien space ship that crash landed. The contents there are being kept secret for our “national security”. This only makes those theorists more adamant that the government is hiding something extra terrestrial.

They believe that the government is experimenting with this alien technology to develop advanced weapons and even time travel. These people claim that technology like Stealth Bombers and Drones come from working with whatever they are keeping hidden on that military base outside of Las Vegas.

Not knowing what is going on there for sure has only stoked the fires of alien belief. For decades, there have been people who claim to have seen UFOs and to have been abducted by aliens which makes the possibility that the government is hiding alien bodies and spacecraft seem a little more reasonable.  The problem here is that there is still no hard proof.  These UFO sightings in the area could be explained by the official report about what Area 51 was used for. It is reported that it was a testing facility for nuclear bombs as well as newer “aerial surveillance programs” during the Cold War. In essence, they were building and testing stealth / spy planes.


As you might expect, the more about it that was kept secret, the more people theorized about what was happening there and their imaginations went wild. Reports have been released from employees about how everyone, even when working on similar projects, were kept separate and unaware of what the other teams were doing. There were many different levels of security clearance and each employee was kept on a need to know basis. If you were only involved in one aspect of a project, there was no way you were going to find out what else was going on.

It is located approximately 150 miles outside of Las Vegas, in Roswell, NM. The airspace above it is restricted so that only approved military planes and transport can enter. On the ground, there are signs as warnings to any would be trespassers. Photography is prohibited and fines can be enforced. Even scarier than that are the warnings that the use of deadly force is authorized by security for people who continue to trespass and will not leave. That kind of makes you second guess how important sneaking a cool picture is.


Area 51 has made its fair share of appearances in movies and TV, from  “The X-Files” to “Indiana Jones”. Whether or not aliens are real and the government is hiding them and using their technology, the idea of it has sure grabbed hold of our imaginations. Sometimes these creatures are portrayed as lovable friendly beings like in “Paul”. Sometimes they are evil squid-like monsters who are trying to kill us all and take over our planet for its resources like in “Independence Day”.

Who knows if we will ever know for sure whether aliens are real. What we do know is that Area 51 is real, and because of the work done there, we have incredible stealth / spy planes such as the U-2 Spy Plane and the SR-71 “Blackbird”. What’s important is that it takes us out of our comfort zones by offering something unexplained and mysterious. It gives us a reason to dream and explore, just as long as you don’t go exploring too close. . . . don’t get shot!


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