The Moon Landing. . . .Maybe

Moon Landing Fake

Yup, we are going to talk about this. At this point in time I’d like to think we have all come to an agreement¬†about landing on the moon, but for all I know, there are still some skeptics out there. So why not talk about this and maybe even play devil’s advocate a little to see if we can stir anything up.

So the U.S. was in a race to go to the moon (Space Race) with the Soviet Union. The Cold War was going on, and like any testosterone fueled nations, we were competing to see who could be the first to get someone to the Moon, ’cause it’s hard to do and someone has to be good at it. People have claimed that Hollywood worked with the U.S. government to make a fake film showing that we successfully landed on the moon. If this were the case, and it all was just a big hoax, wouldn’t have our biggest competitor tried to call us out on it? Wouldn’t the Soviet Union have gone to great lengths to prove that we failed just as badly as them to bolster their supporters and knock us down a few pegs? Proving the United States to be liars and failures would have been a great victory at that time, but it never happened.

There are a number of claims that surround this idea:

  • The moon landing was used as a distraction from the Vietnam War.
  • NASA faked the moon landing so that they could continue to be funded by the government. Tens of Billions (yes, with a B) of Dollars were given to NASA and spent on the Apollo missions.
  • Astronauts who died while testing equipment before going to the moon were said to have been killed by the government because they might tell the truth that it was a hoax.
  • People claim that NASA’s pictures from the moon landing give proof that items were cropped or pasted into the image.
  • It is claimed that the astronauts couldn’t have survived the radiation from space as well as how it would effect or damage the photo equipment.

All of these theories and many more have been brought up and consistently debunked by scientists and scholars. But heck, maybe we didn’t go to the moon and the government and Hollywood has pulled the wool over the eyes of pretty much everyone in the world. Good for them, and I guess good for you if you’re one of the few people out there sticking to your guns and shouting “We Never Landed On The Moon!”, “The Earth Is Flat!”, “Vaccinations Are For Suckers”, and “Diet Coke Makes You Skinny!”. You just keep on keepin’ on.

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